Battery Saving Tips

Everywhere, students are and have been relying on computers for academic work. May it be in research, writing, programming or what not; computers take the bulk of the work. The same thing goes for laptops since they are preferred over home based computer units. The convenience, adaptability and mobility that come with laptops are what make them famous among college students nowadays. Those things supplemented with the ever growing need for fast-paced academic work make the laptop one of the most used tools in learning today.

But still, there are various problems that arise with the use of the portable computer. Keeping laptops in peak condition makes sure that all work is saved, stored and retrieved easily and conveniently. Yet, one thing that keeps on haunting students who rely mainly on their laptops is the fact that the batteries don’t store that much power after prolonged use and abuse. As a machine, just like a car, proper maintenance should be closely kept an eye on. Energy efficient laptops are more than good when bought off the store but keeping them working smoothly altogether is another thing.

Battery storage is a lot different when it comes to portable devices. Usually, the battery unit can be removed for different base uses such as prolonged usage in desk jobs or portable devices during field work or travelling. Different laptop makers use fresh batteries in new units that deteriorate over time due to use. One mistake that most students make is relying solely on the battery icon on their toolbars. Those icons commonly indicate the status of the battery and the length of time that they can be used. This, as computer maintenance experts would always say is not the exact reading on the capacity of laptop batteries. Usually, the icon displays the ideal capacity of the battery but not the actual efficiency.

A tried and tested way to keep the battery in top condition is by removing it from the unit when prolonged use is expected. Plugging in your laptop when doing thesis work or long term papers can save your battery from frying. Keeping your battery attached and over charging it to the extreme is one of the most common causes of deteriorating battery capacity. Also, there have been different programs or applications that help maximize battery usage and storage. Tweaking several settings based on your preferred usage can also help in maintaining your battery units.

Though over time, battery capacity can’t really be retained as it was originally; proper maintenance of your laptop can save more than just school work and money

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Australian students and their debt problems

A huge number of Australian students depend on loans as their main mean to get in college. This helps them to finance their education while they are in the university. However, this is also the reason why a huge number of students are facing large amounts of debts, depending on the course they are taking in college. Higher level of profession entails more cash, just like if you enroll in a law school or in a medical school. Young people are graduating from school and even before they get their own job, they are already in debt.

Student debt has a huge economic and social impact. A study done by the Council of Australian Postgraduate Associations Incorporated (CAPA) found out that a student that has debts is going to have a difficult time to own his own home, start a family and access private finances just like mortgages, personal loans and even credit cards. An average twenty-something Australian usually leave home later and delay their plans of having children to find a way to pay all of their debts first.

In the economic aspects, however, CAPA found out that student debts affect the government because the government treasury estimated that more than one-third of the Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS) is not being repaid. Those who have higher HECS debts such as lawyers and doctors make their service fee a bit higher in order for them to repay their debts easily.

It's all about the money

The students should look for a solution on their debt problem as early as possible. As early as now, they should be looking into several options that they could do, such as debt consolidation loans or debt agreement. Usually, mortgages are being refinanced but since they are still students, they are most probably fall into the debt agreement option.

Several companies offer their help on debt consolidation loans and debt agreement. Debt Mediators, Debt Fix and Debt Assist are just some of the best companies in Australia that offer those two solutions. Debt Mediators offer free consultation via phone calls while Debt Fix offers online help. Debt Assist, however, offers debt restructure that will make the debtor assess his current finances easily. I would recommend these companies especially Debt Assist as they offer a flexible debt consolidation loans for students.

Students should not wait for the time that the interests of the loan will be out of their control. Debts require immediate action so it won’t turn worse.


Health Insurance for Students

Australia is one of those countries that give importance to health insurance. They are requiring students to obtain an Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC), an insurance that aims to help and ensure the medical and hospital needs and costs of international students while they are currently in Australia.

The education provider can organise OSHC for the student, but the student can also look for his own OSHC provider as long as it has been approved by the government. OSHC is needed before your arrival in the country and must be maintained as long as you have been staying in the country too.

OSHC covers basic needs such as doctor’s check-up, some hospital treatment, ambulance services, limited pharmaceuticals and public and private shared ward accommodation. OSHC must be obtained for the proposed duration of their student visa, and if you wish to lengthen your stay, you must renew your OSHC policy too. Renewal is important to avoid breach of student visa conditions as well as to avoid financial difficulties just in case you happen to have the need to pay for hospital and medical treatment during your stay.

Receipt or a proof of OSHC payment should be presented when you apply for your student visa and the cover will commence upon your arrival in the country.

There are lots of health insurance providers you can look into if you are wishing to get one for yourself and for your family members who are traveling with you. You can check out IMAN, nib or Medibank. These health insurance providers will not just help you with your student insurance needs, but also other ones like IMAN 457 health insurance and the like, which might be useful to the family members coming with you on your trip.

However, there are exceptions to OSHC. You don’t need to have one if: a). you are a Norwegian student being covered by the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme; b). you are a Swedish student being covered by the National Board of Student Aid; c). you are a Belgian student being covered by the Reciprocal Health Care Agreement with Australia


Things to remember on processing your student visa

If you are planning to travel and study in Australia, one of the first things you have to fix is your student visa. There are several conditions that should be followed so that you could avoid cancellation of your visa. Make sure the keep the following guidelines in mind:

For those who were granted student visas on or after April 26, 2008, they have received the permission to work along with their visa grant. The said permission can be applied both to the primary student as well as any of his family members traveling with him. This new arrangement enables the visa holder to save more time and money because it won’t require them to apply for a separate permission to work in the country.

However, the students and their family members are allowed to work when the students have already started with their course. Students can work up to 20 hours per week during their course period and unlimited hours of working during course breaks. Their family members, on the other hand, can work up to 20 hours per week at all times. However, those family members of students that have already started a masters or doctorate course may work with unlimited hours per week.

For those who were granted student visas before April 26, 2008 and have failed to apply for Permission to Work, the student and his family member may only apply such permission after the student had started his course.

There are two ways to apply: online and in person. According to Australian Government’s Department of Immigration and Citizenship, the easiest and the quickest way to apply is via online. Applications received will take seven days to process. Applying in person may take at least 28 days for the application to be processed, and delays may occur during the months of February, March and April.

Processing your student visa is definitely one of the first steps you must have to accomplish for you to get ready studying abroad. Make sure to remember these guidelines and you’ll be finishing your application in a breeze!


Studying in Australia: Things to keep in mind

Australia is one of the best countries to go to if you want to live your life as you learn and grow. The country offers a good quality of education and has strong international reputation of excellence. International students can apply at a university/higher education, vocational and technical education, schools or English language training centre.

Australia - Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Students who intend to travel to Australia to study must have a student visa, and application process of which will vary depending on the country where you are from. You can actually visit Study in Australia’s official website if you need more information on this, but if you want experts to help you with your application, it is advisable for you to get an education agent.

An education agent’s main job is to help international students with their applications and visas. They will help you with all the processing, but just like any other college application, you are still expected to do something yourself.

In choosing your education agent, you must ensure that they are legitimate, have good reputation, and do good dealings. You can check out a list made by Pier Online of those agents that have completed the Education Agent Training Course. Some education agent ask for a small amount for some additional service they offer, but most of them do not charge for their service since they receive commission from the education provider you will be choosing.

Scholarships are also offered to those interested applicants. These are offered by the Australian Government as well as various education institutions and organisations.

Australia Awards has extensive scholarship programs that aim to promote knowledge for international and local students. It is comprised of two streams namely: achievement stream and development stream. Achievement stream aims for brilliant students, researchers and professionals to go and study in Australia while development stream aims to “build capacity in developing countries”.

You can try out the three programs offered by Australia Awards—Endeavour Awards, Australian Leadership Awards or Australian Development Scholarships. To know more about this, you can visit